Thursday, October 8, 2009

every detail counts

in our outfit, every detail counts, what shoes u wear, what legging u match, what shirt u wear below to create layering, counts...

take a pix with jezmine old blossom

sook fong chit chat wit her

sook fong know her too from watching
fashion competition show, cos jezmine participated there

finally meet her in real person, always read her blog and she very geng in mix and match and her stuff alwasy sold out very fast!

another tudung girl

yah~dont give up neh!!!
always feel cross culture when seeing a malay tudung lady
posing a very western "yo watsuppp" post
make me think of noah and the big big fish

another tudung girl i notice is a Childrens Book Illustrator & Author, Comic Artist. Malaysian artist we normally didnt know much and didn't notice much, eps female one. Introduce to you here Sarah-Joan Mokhtar.

i saw sio yean see her comic in the internet, cute cute style one, can't forget she drawing the tudung lady. check out her blog

Friday, October 2, 2009

鄭秀文: 有一種快樂

sammi said she use 1000 days(3 years rest from artist) finally found Jesus in her life. Can u see her life change?!! ^.^Y