Thursday, August 14, 2014






当我在The One Academy 读书日子信主时,我就开始为家人的救恩祷告。感谢主外公信了耶稣,得到救恩。虽然很伤心但也有盼望。



Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 God bless us a house

Dec 2013 we have strong urge to seek for a house in Ridzuan. Then we call up agent & go look the house. The 1st house agent so ngam is SY's student's parents, they are very nice & sincere, and that house in Blk B 13 floor also not bad. But after see that we call up others agent so to refer some others house 1st before we make any BIG decision. Then the second day we go see another house in Blk A. When we just reach we get to know the agent & the owner who wait for us in front door. I was surprise cos the owner so young 28 yrs old guy. And he told me the parking is beside the guard house, i was surprise cos one of my concern is the parking place. So we see the 1st  good sign that God answer prayer.

The Greatt Indoor
2nd Charm
Wiwaa Home

TQ for the intro of some cool furniture. A new friend that we meet in 城邦书院 Tat Sing.