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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

very easy de neh

yazhi , create a blog is very easy de!!! 1...2...3... gaodim!!!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


since young i love fashion, i love to draw fashion illustration. haha...dream to be a fashion designer. :) but i also thank God i finally end up in The One Academy, i know not just God, not just many good friends, but also my husband. I believe God have His plan in my life.
Fashion is part of my life, now i can use this as a channel of blessing to bless many. Open a shop at Sg Wang 6th floor. Prayerfully July open! yea...
Our shop name is Yazhi Jean Lautan. Very long huh! in chinese it means "duck goreng old telur". This name is combination of my partner Yazhi and me- Jean Lautan.
Hope our Yazhi Jean Lautan be a channel of blessing to bless many mui mui zai, ji ji zai! haha...Sharing Jesus Touching surely come kaw kaw by God! no worry...all we hav now bless by God too...yea...

vintage interior

Faith Station @ The One Academy-since 2004 to 2008

Faith Station is started by my collegue(now he is a pastor in our Sabah Anglican church) and me. We both have the burden to start it. The 1st gathering is at a class, and some of our church member came to help us too. Then we have Alpha course(a course that help us know God more and also have food provided). We invited some friends and also some The One Academy students to join. Some came to know Christ during that time.

Besides we also got held some interesting programme like 60s Fashion night, Concert night in church to invited different college student to come and join. Have fun at the same time knowing who God is. :)

Faith Station at The One Academy has been a great blessing to many. Many non-christian come to know Jesus and some serving in church and are leaders now. One of them serve full time in Faith Christian Center. Life been change! Hope Faith Station in The One Academy continue to be a channel of blessing to bless the student and the lecturer there!!! A Station that let people grab Faith in God! yea...