Saturday, February 20, 2010

all u need is love~ is all u need...^ ^

Though i am not perfect, when think of my own weakness quite shame. And feel sorry to some frens that i show my weakness and treat them not so good too.


The one i can change i will change the one i cant change is really hard cos of priority concern.

God help me to be more like Jesus. Sacrificial love for us that He die on the cross for our sin. May God's love overflow me & help me to have a teachable heart & a heart that please God.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

inspiring "..."

领导人要像诗人,把抽象的理念,转化成简单具象的口号与行动。像噢巴马只靠"change"和"Yes, we can do it" 就选上美 国总统,他显然具 有某些诗人特质。

叶建一说她很爱哭,电视节目的一句对白,小小的触动就能让她 眼 眶红;但,她 不为自己的事哭,自 怜自哀绝非她 的style. (很像我喔 )

无论生活多挑战,在高峰,她 不玄耀;在低潮她 不崩溃,持乐观态度啊Q的自我安慰:“做的不够好,是因为你不够别人努力。” 现在她 专心做好自己,她说:“我的梦想很伟大,我安静的实现。