Friday, January 29, 2010



令一个人,有神与我们同在,谈天谈面对的困难,谈人与人该如何对待相处,谈生命该如何走下去的问题,谈几时才有钱的问题,无论是大问题还是小问题,神都不会看轻。You will never 孤令令!

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Friday, January 8, 2010

I become a hedgehog(刺猬 ) then...

Little Hedgehog: " me look cute leh...come near touch me and and see没死过啊?"

somtimes i kena shot by others, at that moment i will not immediately response. Then after that i will feel why he/she say those things that hurt me? Why that time i didnt fight back immediately. If next time ...hmm hmm..
I started plan in my heart about revenge or anythings bad.

Does this sounds familiar to you? I believe not just me but many people experience that. If i didnt settle that unfair or hurt feeling that keeps in my heart. Then it will becoms bitterness. My sweetness of my heart becomes more & more bitter and ofcos since then not more less and less smile see in my face. Everything that i say or do will becomes a thorn to others. Many will hurt by me then eps those poeple that i think is more easy to bully or i dare to say somthing unpleasant to. oh no.

sweet jean become bitter jean. haha. I become a new species of hedgehog(刺猬 ) then. No one dare to come near me then.

Thank God i got a God that teach me to forgive and even forget. Every morning i brush my teeth and take bath at the same times i do a prayer to forgive those who say somethings wrong against me. That's i call clear my rubbish bin. If not it will become unforgiveness and hatred and bitterness. Bitterness become toxin; toxin become pimples and serious one is cancer, dont play play man...

Lord i forgive those who say somthing unpleasant that hurts me, just like You forgive my wrong doing too. Amen!

Who and who, even you wrong me, i forgive you, just like i also not prefect and need God to forgive me. ^.^ peace!!!

Bible say we should guard our heart more than anythings else.