Wednesday, May 14, 2008


since young i love fashion, i love to draw fashion illustration. haha...dream to be a fashion designer. :) but i also thank God i finally end up in The One Academy, i know not just God, not just many good friends, but also my husband. I believe God have His plan in my life.
Fashion is part of my life, now i can use this as a channel of blessing to bless many. Open a shop at Sg Wang 6th floor. Prayerfully July open! yea...
Our shop name is Yazhi Jean Lautan. Very long huh! in chinese it means "duck goreng old telur". This name is combination of my partner Yazhi and me- Jean Lautan.
Hope our Yazhi Jean Lautan be a channel of blessing to bless many mui mui zai, ji ji zai! haha...Sharing Jesus Touching surely come kaw kaw by God! no worry...all we hav now bless by God too...yea...

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Anonymous said...

gambete ya ^^
waiting ur new shop open soon
may god bless u n ur shop