Monday, November 5, 2007

i love fashion

我爱fashion. 从小就爱. 想读fashion design 但爸爸不给. 最后读graphic & advertising. :) 没有不甘, 如果不是去The One Academy 读的话, 不会认识上帝,认识小原. 哈哈! 但如果有机会读书会修fashion.

所以叫我不shopping, 很难吧! 穿的好看又舒服, 人人有责哦! :)

看到吗? 阿伯也懂fashion!


Liew Sio Yean 刘小原 said...

老公也不给, 哈哈哈..

: : kamwah : : said...

you like wear nice dress does not mean u need to study fashion design, my classmates and i were agree with that thou we like design but we regret to study design because is LIKE AND STUDY is totally different thing.

Liew Sio Yean 刘小原 said...
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jean lau tan said... too much "long yoke" (dragon meat) also will feel "zai"! i think we are blesses one cos can study what we like(design). last time ppl dont hav this chance. if the work they don like they still need to do it for living. who like working under the hot sun(those construction worker). really if i got the chance to study fashion maybe not like what i expected. but we must also be responsible of what we doin not just fun. :)

enjoy and give thanks and have vision and be responsible of what we are doing too even don like liao! kayao kamwah!!!

: : kamwah : : said...

i quite beh tahan u type KAYAO ...bcoz i feel abit geli... dono why... @__________@
if u type ganbatte or jia you oso won geli... =PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

: : kamwah : : said...

i suddenly found this thing @_@ get to confuse loh...anglican also got ORTHODOX ge meh ?@_@

jean lau tan said...

ha ha...this kind of thing(anglican /ORTHODOX)need to ask those criticle person like sio yuan, desmond, and pastor! hahaha...wa beh hiao o!

you gambahdeh! Jesus love u! *@*